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The Island by Madison Barry

Laney has always dreamed of losing her virginity to the handsome Liam, and when she finds out he's into BDSM, she knows she has to have him. She's only ever read about BDSM in the erotic novels she loves--her guilty pleasure--but she's dying to try it for herself. She's just started reading a new Western spanking story, and she finds herself comparing her desires and experiences to Susannah's, the handsome rancher's wife. 

Laney finally hooks up with Liam, and after a night to remember, they start dating. She is thrilled to finally get to explore the kind of life she's only read about. But when she goes to a kink party with her roommate, she's seduced by a dashing millionaire, despite her promise to Liam that she won't have sex with anyone else. Devastated by her cheating, Liam breaks up with her.

The millionaire seizes the opportunity to woo Laney into his exciting, sophisticated life. He pampers her with gifts and fancy meals, and brings her to play in his personal dungeon. Is the millionaire the man of her dreams, or will she soon find herself in over her head, unable to escape the hold he has on her?

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