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Leo has an idea to start a club for BDSM masters to train willing women to be their slaves. It takes years, and there are bumps in the road, but over time, the House becomes Leo's life, recruiting women and masters, enforcing rules, navigating conflicts. House rules forbid outside romantic relationships for current members, but love happens, especially between a master and his slave. Over time, men have left or have been forced out because their mistakes put the House and its other members at risk.

Seventeen years later, Leo knows the House is slowly falling apart. Too much is happening all at once. First he had to suspend Michael because of his relationship with Lucy, and then James royally screwed up by trying to date a vanilla woman while keeping a slave. Too late, he discovers that the man he reassigned James' slave to is in a jealous rivalry with another master due to a love affair they each had with the same woman! Now he is concerned about the safety of the slave, given the conflict between those two masters.

But Leo has a secret. Twice now, he himself has maintained his relationship with a slave he was supposed to have released. He knows that if this hypocrisy is revealed, especially with how volatile things are at the House already, the slow decline he's been trying to prevent will devolve into a free fall. He is desperate to save the House and everything it represents to him, even if that means changing it at its core.

Will the other members accept Leo's new version of the House, or in trying to save the House, will Leo end up tearing it apart for good?

The Island by Madison Barry
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