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The Island by Madison Barry

The Millionaire's Shackles

A BDSM Romance

Laney has dreamed of losing her virginity to Liam, the handsome Dom across the street. They hook up, and it's as amazing as her fantasies. But when she goes to a kink party without him, she is seduced by a dashing millionaire who woos her into his exciting life. Is the millionaire the man of her dreams, or will she soon find herself in over her head, unable to escape the hold he has on her?

The Island by Madison Barry

Cori's Submission

A BDSM Romance

After Cori walks out of a sexless marriage, she goes to a BDSM dungeon for some fun, where she discovers that she is a natural submissive. But Cori didn't know that her husband, Brandon, had been attending kink parties for years as a Dom. Inevitably, Cori and Brandon cross paths at a dungeon. Will kink bring them back together, or will a wealthy Dom's interest in Cori be the end of their marriage?

The Island by Madison Barry

The Blue Room

A BDSM Murder Mystery

Katie arrives at a BDSM club by accident, but she and the owner quickly fall in love as he begins to introduce her to the BDSM scene. Eight months later, she is found dead in a playroom just before a party. Possible motives range from jealousy to financial problems, but when 3 similar deaths at other dungeons are discovered, the possibility that a serial killer is at work must be considered.

The House Series:
The Island by Madison Barry

Pet Lucy

The House: Book One

Lucy seems to always fail at having good sex. When she goes to a sex therapist for help, she is encouraged to apply to "The House," where a mysterious group of men train her to be their slave. She learns there is freedom in total submission, but she must let go of her pride, her shame, and her fears. Who will she become when she is released from Lucy's baggage and is remade into simply Pet?

The Island by Madison Barry

Master Michael

The House: Book Two

Michael has fantasies of dominating a woman, calling himself a Dom without a sub. He joins the House, where he learns to train and discipline the women who come to them to become slaves. But when he falls in love with Lucy when he was only supposed to be training her, which is strictly against House rules, he must decide between his loyalty to the House and his love for Lucy.

The Island by Madison Barry

Slave Tara

The House: Book Three

Tara and her master are deeply in love, but he is unwilling to give up his work at The House to be with her. Their infrequent sessions are intense and satisfying, but Tara needs more from him, and he consistently puts The House before her. She becomes involved with another master, who insists she is more important than The House, but when a crisis strikes at The House, will he choose her or them?

The Island by Madison Barry

Master James

The House: Book Four

James has finally been granted a slave of his own, and he is thrilled with his lovely and playful Pet. But when James meets and becomes infatuated with a vanilla woman, he knows he must keep his Pet secret or cause problems at The House. What will happen when the girlfriend and the Pet finally cross paths? How will James sort out the mess that is sure to arise when his love triangle falls apart?

The Island by Madison Barry

Pet Alicia

The House: Book Five

Alicia's sex life is dismal, and when she learns about BDSM, she realizes she is a born submissive. She becomes a slave at the House, desperately in love with her Master James. But James screws up, and Alicia is devastated to be removed from his care, a victim of growing conflicts among the House members. Will the House survive the internal threat? What will happen to Alicia when the dust settles?

The Island by Madison Barry

Sir Leo

The House: Book Six

Years ago, Leo started a club for BDSM masters to train willing slaves. The House became Leo's life, but despite their rule against romantic involvements, even Leo has twice stayed with a former slave. Other masters, too, want a chance at love, and Leo knows the House must change or die out. Will the members accept his new vision, or will the change tear the community apart for good?

The Island by Madison Barry

The House

The Complete Series

Get the full six-book series in one volume!

At The House, submissive women are recruited to become temporary sex slaves to the masters there. One of The House's most important rules is against romantic relationships, because of the threat to the members' reputations. But when one of the masters falls in love with Lucy, a new slave at the House, his obsession with her sets off a chain of events that threatens the very existence of The House.


Sold to the Ursans

A Sci-Fi Alien Romance

Kidnapped and sold to the Ursans for sex work, Taryn resigns herself to two years of servitude before she can earn her freedom. But when Gabriel Cordoba, son of the wealthy and powerful CEO of Cornithian Mining, meets Taryn and becomes besotted with her, he risks his father's company and his own wealth to buy her out of captivity. Will she embrace her savior, or will Gabriel's gamble backfire?

The Island by Madison Barry

In the Billionaire's Playroom

A Short Story

I was supposed to be there to take care of his kids, but it was hard not to dream of my hot, wealthy employer giving me more than just a paycheck. Then, one morning, I decided to explore the house, and when he found out I'd discovered his playroom, I wasn't sure if I was going to lose my innocence or my job!

The Island by Madison Barry

Competing for Master

A Kindle-Exclusive Short Story Series

A billionaire Master holds a contest to find his next BDSM slave. In a reality show-style competition, twelve women vie for the position. Slave number ten has the most at stake. Plus, she's in love with the handsome, wealthy man. Will she win him over, or will another competitor, who seems to have a personal grudge against her, drive her away first?

The Island Series:
The Island by Madison Barry

The Island

A Prequel to The Island Series

In The Island, we meet the handsome and mysterious Sir. Assisted by two women and an expanding circle of men who possess unique skills, Sir embarks on an ambitious project. Using money, the force of his personality, his prowess in bed, and a mix of punishment and reward, Sir will recruit and train young, beautiful women to serve as elite sex slaves on a secret island.

Amy's Year by Madison Barry

Amy's Year

Book 1 of The Island Series

Amy would do almost anything to get out of the financial mess she's in. When she meets a strange man who promises to solve her problems in exchange for a year of service, she is whisked away on a private jet to a secret island. There, she meets the enigmatic, handsome, and compelling Sir, who teaches her to satisfy the every desire of his island’s wealthy clientele.

Amy's Year by Madison Barry

Amy's Choice

Book 2 of The Island Series

In this sequel, we reunite with Amy, who is home from the Island and adjusting to real life, dating and working. Meanwhile, a recent Island release named Julia has found work on a cruise ship as a stripper/prostitute. When Julia gets into trouble on the ship, Amy is asked to rescue her, where things quickly go south, and Amy is faced with a choice: Try to live a "normal" life, or return to Sir.

Amy's Year by Madison Barry

Amy's Island

Book 3 of The Island Series

Amy returns to the Island and Sir, only to find that it isn't quite what she'd dreamed of. When she runs into a former client in the bar, she begins to think that maybe there's a better option out there for her. At the same time, Mac and Andrew are causing problems, disrupting the Sir's self control along with his control over his Island. When the dust settles, where will everyone end up?

Amy's Year by Madison Barry

Stories from The Island

Stories from the world of The Island

Stories from The Island is a collection of four stories that take place in the world of the Island, outside the timeline of the trilogy. 

Amy's Year by Madison Barry

Sophie's Punishment

A House/Island Crossover

Sophie is home after a year as a sex slave on the Island and asks therapist Tara to help her heal. Sophie tells Tara about her experiences, and Tara suggests that Sophie work with Roberto, a Dom, to reclaim her submissive side. As Sophie begins to learn about true BDSM, Sir, her former master, finds out Sophie has revealed the secrets of his Island and wants her punished for her betrayal.


Conrad's Betrayal

An Island Sequel

Everything's falling apart on the Island. Everyone's angry. Conrad Sinclair puts his nose where it doesn't belong. Amy and Andrew make a huge mistake and piss off Sir. But worst of all, Sir is acting weird and no one knows why. The Island needs Sir's leadership, and no one knows how to fix it all. It will take something drastic to reorient Sir to what's important, but is it already too late?

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