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Sophie's Punishment Cover.png

*Note: This novella is a crossover story featuring characters and locations from The House Series and The Island Series and takes place after the end of both series. You do not have to have read either or both series to enjoy this book.

Sophie is a therapist in training who was sex slave for a year on the very exclusive, secret island resort owned by a man known only as Sir. She asks Sir for permission to develop a support system to help other former slaves like herself to get on with their lives after they've been released. Sir agrees, on the condition that Sophie not reveal his secrets to anyone not on his payroll. She approaches Tara, a sex and trauma therapist, to offer her a job in her new program, but Tara is dubious until Sophie tells her the whole story of her experiences on the Island. Tara and her partner and Master, Spencer, agree to help Sophie both with her own issues and with her project. They suggest that Sophie work with one of Spencer's fellow Masters, Roberto, to explore her submissive side in a safe environment.

Sophie and Roberto hit it off, and Sophie begins to learn about BDSM and true submission. But when Sir finds out just how much Sophie told Tara and Spencer about him and his Island, he is angry enough to want to cancel the whole program and revoke the generous reward Sophie earned upon her release from the Island. Sophie is desperate to change Sir's mind, and decides she has to submit herself to him for punishment in order to preserve her reward and her program. Can she bring herself to return to the Island and strip off her clothes for her former master?

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