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Competing for Master is an eight-part, Kindle and Kindle Unlimited exclusive story series.

Mr. Billionaire holds a reality show style competition to find his next BDSM slave, to be his for six months and be rewarded generously for her service. Twelve women arrive on Day One to participate in various challenges that will assess their self control, obedience, skills, and commitment to him. As he pares down the field over the course of eight intense days, those remaining find their boundaries tested and learn the true meaning of submission.

Slave number ten has the most at stake, having lost everything when she left an abusive husband. Plus, she's falling in love with the handsome and compassionate billionaire, and she thinks the feeling might be mutual. But when slave number six begins trying to throw number ten off balance or sabotage her, she wonders why this woman seems to have a personal vendetta against her.

Will slave number ten beat out the other eleven women to become the billionaire's slave, or will number six manage to drive her away?

The Island by Madison Barry
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