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After Cori walks out of a boring and sexless marriage, her friend takes her to a BDSM dungeon for some fun, where Cori discovers that she is a natural submissive. But what Cori didn't know was that her husband, Brandon, had been attending kink parties for years as a Dominant. While Cori explores her newfound sexual appetite, a devastated Brandon tries to accept that his marriage may be over.

But the world of kink is small, and Cori and Brandon inevitably cross paths at a dungeon, where each is shocked to learn of the other's kinky side. At the same time, they have both piqued the interest of the same handsome millionaire, whose attention to Cori may sound the final death knell of their marriage.

Will their newfound sexual compatibility bring Cori and Brandon back together, or will the millionaire make Cori an offer she can't refuse?

The Island by Madison Barry
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