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The Island by Madison Barry

Alicia and Greg got married too young and too fast, and their sex life leaves a lot to be desired. Alicia's fantasies make up for her dismal reality, lost in dreams of being enslaved and dominated sexually. But her husband thinks those fantasies mean something is wrong with her, and not only does he not want to participate in them, he is disgusted by them. But she can't stop thinking about it. The fantasies turn her on and give her the sexual satisfaction she isn't getting from him.

When Alicia meets a man online who introduces her to the BDSM lifestyle, she is hooked, and she eventually finds herself applying to be a slave at the House, where she finds life as a sexual submissive every bit as fulfilling as she dreamed. She is desperately in love with her Master, James, and can't imagine life without him. When she is separated from him because of his own mistakes, she is devastated, but then she is re-matched to the tall, handsome Jonathan, and she thinks maybe life will turn out just fine after all.

What she doesn't realize is that she's been pulled into the middle of a major conflict at the House, with Jonathan at the center of it, and all she can do is watch her life and the lives of her masters fall apart around her. Will the masters at the House resolve their clash, or is the House slowly but surely disintegrating?

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