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Katie arrives on Evan's doorstep in a rather unusual fashion. On the run from an abusive boyfriend and looking for a place to hide, she knocks on his door, expecting to find an old friend there. Instead, she finds herself being welcomed into a stranger's home, which also happens to be the site of a popular, private BDSM dungeon called Club 92. Katie has no experience with BDSM and is skeptical, but as her relationship with Evan develops, he and his business partner Dustin begin to introduce her to the lifestyle.

Eight months later, Katie is found dead in a private playroom just as a party is getting underway.

Suspects range from Evan himself, to a party guest with whom she had some conflicts, to the abusive ex she'd escaped. Detective Laura Holcombe begins to piece together Katie's history, trying to zero in on a suspect. Jealousy and financial problems come to light as potential motives, but then Detective Holcombe comes across three similar deaths at other dungeons, leaving her wondering if she might actually be tracking a serial killer.

The Island by Madison Barry
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