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The Island Trilogy Cover.png

The first three books of The Island Series, together in one volume!

When Amy, in desperation, accepts an offer from a strange man to exchange a year of her life working for his employer for lifetime financial security, she has an inkling of what she's getting herself into. But when she arrives on the Island, a secret resort owned by a handsome, enigmatic man known only as Sir, the path he sets her on is nothing she could have imagined. He trains her to serve as a sex slave to his clients, the wealthy, anonymous elite who come to satisfy any and all of their sexual urges. But in the process, Sir himself falls deeply, madly in love with Amy, but so does one of her clients. Amy is left with a choice between surrendering completely to Sir and becoming his, or going home after the year is up and pursuing a more normal life. But can life really be normal after what she's been through?

In book 2, Amy's Choice, we meet Julia, another of Sir's slaves who has recently been released. She finds herself adrift and signs on to work as a prostitute aboard a luxury cruise liner. But she soon learns that it isn't quite as advertised. She gets herself in deep trouble with the owner, who subjects her to punishment and torment far beyond anything she experienced with Sir. When Sir discovers Julia's plight, he begs Amy for help, but then Amy, too, is ensnared in the ship's trap. Will Sir put the entire Island at risk to rescue his love?

Dani, a service girl on the Island, is in a bit of a quandary in book 3, Amy's Island. One of the Island's other bigshots, Mac, has become obsessed with her, and she's not sure whether she should welcome his attentions. Meanwhile, Sir's love for Amy continues to cause problems. He is moody and distracted, and he takes out his frustrations on Dani and Mac. When a surprise visitor from his past shows up on the Island, Sir is faced with some impossible choices. Will his love for Amy prevail?

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