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Conrad's Betrayal Cover.png

Everything's falling apart on the Island. Amy's mad at Sir. Andrew's mad at Sir. Sir is mad at Andrew. Alex, still in charge of the cruise ship Venus, is misbehaving and has to be removed from that position. Conrad Sinclair puts his nose where it doesn't belong and convinces Julia to join him in Los Angeles and be his submissive, despite his long-ago promise to his wife never to bring someone home. Now Conrad's marriage is threatened, and Sir and Amy's relationship is on the line. Meanwhile, Andrew has become enamored of the newest arrival on the Island, a redhead named Caitlyn whom Sir was having more difficulty than usual training. Andrew takes over her training and then doesn't want to let her go.

Andrew and Amy concoct a scheme to snap Sir out of his strange mood, but it backfires, and Sir storms off the Island to stir up trouble in L.A., leaving Andrew to run the Island by himself.

The Island needs Sir's leadership, and Andrew can't fill his shoes. Everyone's future is uncertain, and no one knows how to fix it all. It will take something drastic to reorient Sir to what's important--his wife and his Island--but is it already too late?

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