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The Island by Madison Barry

When James is introduced to BDSM by his friend and business partner, he immediately develops a strong affinity for domination. So when James' financial adviser invites him to join a secretive, mysterious community of BDSM masters who train and keep willing submissive women as slaves at a place called The House, he is more than intrigued. When another master becomes involved in a relationship that turns sour, the reputations of the members of the community are put at risk, and it's up to James to fix the problem before the community is torn apart.

Many years later, James has finally been granted a slave of his own. Their arrangement works well, and James is thrilled with his lovely and playful Pet. But when James meets and becomes infatuated with a "vanilla" woman, he realizes he must keep his Pet secret or cause problems at The House once again. What will happen when the girlfriend and the Pet finally cross paths? How will James sort out the mess that is sure to arise when his love triangle falls apart?

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