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Kidnapped and sold to the Ursans for sex work, Taryn resigns herself to two years of servitude before she can earn her freedom. But when Gabriel Cordoba, son of the wealthy and powerful CEO of Cornithian Mining, meets Taryn and becomes besotted with her, he risks his father's company and his own wealth to buy her out of captivity. Will she embrace her savior, or will Gabriel's gamble backfire?


Everyone knew the Ursans ran a very successful sex trafficking operation for the Earth-owned mining platforms around the larger moons of Jupiter and Saturn. It was illegal for humans to buy or sell other humans, but Ursans had no such laws, and the Ursans were too powerful for the authorities on Earth to risk interference. Once an Ursan trader got hold of a human woman—and the occasional young man—he could buy and sell at will among other Ursans without consequence, and make quite a profit doing it. Some of the Earth-owned mining companies had taken to hiring an Ursan “recreation director” for their mining platforms, who could purchase a woman for use by the human employees of the platform, and there wasn’t a damn thing the government could do about it.

Not that I’d ever expected to be caught up in that world, but what’s the saying about the sins of the father?

... Which is how I found myself regaining consciousness, tied naked to an exam table in the back of a separate Ursan transport just as what passed for a doctor among the Ursan Recreation Supply Corporation entered the tiny room.

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