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The Island by Madison Barry

Tara was only supposed to be a full-time submissive for a year to her powerful, wealthy, somewhat sadistic master, but when the time comes for her to move on, they both realize they can't let go. They are deeply in love, and though neither wants to part permanently, he will no longer allow her to be his sub 24/7. Instead, they can meet only every few months. Their infrequent sessions are intense and satisfying, and Tara craves the total submission she can only achieve under her master's control, but she wishes for more.

Her master is involved in building The House, an exclusive, secret club where male Dominants gather to network, socialize, and, most importantly, train female submissives. His dedication to The House means Tara always comes second to his duties there, and she is never quite satisfied with the attention she gets from him. And when her master brings home a new full-time submissive without warning, Tara knows that he will never put her first.

He insists that some day, the time will be right, and he will be able to have a real relationship with her and continue working with the masters at The House, but after 15 years, Tara is ready to give up. She connects with one of the other masters and becomes his submissive/girlfriend. He claims he would drop his membership in a heartbeat in order to be with her, but is just a line to make her feel better? What will happen when a real crisis strikes and he has to choose between her and The House?

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