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The consequences are severe for any former service girl who reveals the details of her year on the Island. No one knows this better than Hailey, but when her girlfriend Sam issues an ultimatum, Hailey can't keep the secret any longer. The events that unfold after Sam storms off not only put Hailey at risk, but the Island, Sir, and Amy as well.

Julia's been misbehaving, and Conrad knows she hates it on the Island. But even she doesn't realize the danger she's putting herself and the Island in when she allows herself to be seduced by Alex, formerly of Venus and now Sir's prisoner on the Island.

But the worst is still to come. Alex has a personal vendetta against Sir, and he won't let anyone stand in the way of his ultimate revenge, not even Amy herself. With Julia's unwitting assistance, Alex is able to set plans in motion that will force Sir to make an impossible choice between his love for Amy and his life on the Island.

Alex's Revenge is Book 6 of The Island Series, and picks up where Conrad's Betrayal leaves off.

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