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Lucy seems to always fail at having good sex, and it's reached a point where she is afraid to even try. She's never even had an orgasm, and she's just about given up. When she goes to a sex therapist desperate for help, she is encouraged to apply to "The House." There, a mysterious group of men begin training her to be their slave. She learns there is freedom in total submission, but she must let go of her pride, her shame, and her fears. 

The men tell her she will be chosen by a master at the end of her training, who she will serve for the remainder of her time with the House. She has her eye on one of the men in particular, and she thinks he has similar feelings for her, but she finds herself severely punished when she tries to learn more about the secret inner workings of the House. 

Who will become her master? Will she find the answers she seeks? Who will she become when she is released from Lucy's baggage and is remade into simply Pet?

The Island by Madison Barry
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