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Amy's Year Cover.png

Madison Barry's debut novel, Amy's Year introduces the world of The Island.

When Amy is approached by a strange, well-dressed man who tells her he can solve all of her financial problems if she comes work for his employer for a year, she assumes it will have something to do with sex. She knows how desperate she is, and his offer is too attractive to turn down. She agrees and is whisked away on a private jet to a secret island. There, she meets the enigmatic, handsome, and compelling Sir, who teaches her to satisfy the every desire of his island’s wealthy clientele. The reward at the end of her year of service is unbelievably generous, but it is worth subjecting herself to the whims of powerful men and risking punishment and humiliation? 

To complicate her already bizarre new situation, Amy finds herself attracted to a sweet cook, a forbidden relationship that could jeopardize his future and her position of favor on the island. Then, one of her wealthy clients returns with a marriage proposal, and Sir himself becomes obsessed with her, putting her in the middle of an impossible love triangle.

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