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This book features a collection of stories set in the world of the Island, outside the timeline of the original trilogy.

Lacey's Education --- When a mysterious club uses Conrad Sinclair’s Los Angeles hotel as a meeting site, Conrad is naturally curious as to what they’re up to. What he discovers will lead him into a new hobby that will shape his future. At the same time that he is learning this group's hardcore BDSM slave training techniques, he meets and falls in love with a sweet, naïve hotel housekeeper named Lacey. What will happen when Lacey discovers Conrad’s unusual and distasteful hobby? Will their love survive?

"Forbidden Love" --- Hannah is one of the best performing girls on the Island, until she accidentally crosses paths with Bobby, a plumber who works for the resort. They fall in love, despite Sir's strict rule forbidding service girls and staff from interacting. Can they keep their relationship a secret from Sir and the other girls, or are they putting themselves at risk of severe punishment?

"Sir's Lost Love", parts I and II --- Before Amy, Sir had another lover, a former service girl named Caroline. After many years of being at Sir's beck and call, Caroline finally realizes she will always have to share Sir, and she's not sure she can live with that. How will Sir react to Caroline's rejection? Can Caroline bear to stay away?

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