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Madison Barry Erotica

The Millionaire's Shackles


Laney has dreamed of losing her virginity to Liam, the handsome Dom across the street. They hook up, and it's as amazing as her fantasies. But when she goes to a kink party without him, she is seduced by a dashing millionaire who woos her into his exciting life. Is the millionaire the man of her dreams, or will she soon find herself in over her head, unable to escape the hold he has on her?

Sold to the Ursans


Kidnapped and sold to the Ursans for sex work, Taryn resigns herself to two years of servitude before she can earn her freedom. But when Gabriel Cordoba, son of the wealthy and powerful CEO of Cornithian Mining, meets Taryn and becomes besotted with her, he risks his father's company and his own wealth to buy her out of captivity. Will she embrace her savior, or will Gabriel's gamble backfire?

Cori's Submission


What happens when both husband and wife are kinky, but neither knows of the other's proclivities? Cori and Brandon are suffering in a boring and nearly-sexless marriage, but they don't have to be! Will they reconcile and find renewed passion in their mutual interest in kink, or will their individual explorations drive them apart for good?

The Blue Room


A foray into a new subgenre, The Blue Room is a murder mystery set at a BDSM club. Though containing many of Madison Barry's trademark steamy BDSM scenes, The Blue Room will also capture your interest as you work alongside Detective Laura Holcombe to solve the murder of Katie Bartell, found dead in a private playroom at a BDSM club just as a party begins.

In the Billionaire's Playroom

A short story

A live-in nanny discovers her boss's BDSM playroom. Will he finds her exploring, she wonders whether she will lose her innocence or her job.

Competing for Master

A short story series

In this eight-part series, we follow slave number ten as she competes with eleven other women for the position of BDSM slave to a billionaire master.

The House Series

The House series explores themes of willing submission. Can you find freedom and healing in letting go of yourself and becoming Pet?

The House:
The Complete Series

You can now get the whole six-book series in one volume, in both eBook and paperback!

Sophie's Punishment Cover.png
Sophie's Punishment

Sophie's Punishment is a crossover novella featuring characters and locations from both The House Series and The Island Series. It is written such that even if you have not read either or both series, you can still enjoy it as a standalone story.

The Island Series

The Island series explores themes of submission, dominance, and sexual slavery. How much would you do and how far would you go for the promise of financial security? How does a year of serving the sexual desires of dozens of men affect a person long into the future? What would it be like to submit yourself to a master?

Suggested reading order for the Island Series:

1) Amy's Year (Book 1 of the Island Trilogy)
2) The Island (a prequel to the Trilogy)
3) Amy's Choice (Book 2 of the Island Trilogy)
4) Amy's Island (Book 3 of the Island Trilogy)
5) Stories from the Island (a novella and three short stories, all prequels to the Trilogy)
6) Sophie's Punishment (A House/Island crossover, a sequel to the Island Trilogy and the House Series)
7) Conrad's Betrayal (an Island sequel)

8) Alex's Revenge

The Island Cover.png
Amy's Year Cover.png
Amy's Choice Cover.png
Amy's Island Cover.png
Stories from the Island Cover.png
Sophie's Punishment Cover.png
Conrad's Betrayal Cover.png
Alternate Alex's Revenge Cover.png
The Island Trilogy Cover.png
The Island Trilogy

The first three books of The Island series in one volume, including a newly edited and updated Amy's Year.

Madison's novels are intended for an adult audience.

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